Abhi – a vagrant that scours the far corners of the mind, to fuel his grey matter. Forever in search of something intellectually stimulating, something that pushes the boundaries of the mind.

Love to bake : I find baking therapeutic. I bake with a purpose. I find baking is a wonderful opportunity to get a conversation going with friends. I rarely ever bake at home!

Love to shoot : My camera bag is my second skin. If my camera bag is not on me, you could count on it being in my car boot. I love to freeze away moments from daily life and celebrate them. If I have gone missing and completely off the radar, I am either out shooting or processing my images completely unaware of the time.

Love to write : I would have loved to make a career out of writing. I am sure, I’ll have a book published someday, even if it is just a little storybook for kids.

My RED M&Ms is a collection of  all my favorite things. As a kid, when I poured out a packet of GEMS on the table (M&Ms, Smarties depending on where you are), I’d meticulously separate out the RED ones. Saved the RED ones for last, eating the other coloured GEMS first.